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Reduced the cost of construction

The "GeoProject" has long experience in the conducting the state environmental and technical examinations. Our representatives took part in the discussion of practically all major projects in the Krasnodar Territory.

Today we use the accumulated experience in this area to assist our clients to improving the quality of design solutions for civil and industrial buildings. Our services may be particularly useful when construction is planned in difficult or unstable geological conditions.

Examination can achieve two goals at once - detecting of errors in the project and reducing construction costs. If your main goal is costs saving, our specialists will conduct a FREE assessment of your project. If you will like our offer and you will apply these in the construction, then our reward will be a part of your saving funds.

The following examples illustrate the real efficiency of cooperation with our company. Thanks to our assistance the JSC "Temryukneftegaz" saved more than 6.5 billion rubles (in prices in November 1994) only on the basic materials for the foundations for the high-pressure reservoirs on the basis of the Taman LPG.

The pedestals for horizontal high pressure reservoirs a volume of 600m3 for the storage of liquefied gas on the basis of the Taman LPG ("Temryukneftegaz" JSC)

Reducing the cost of the foundation of kerosene collectors (600m3) on the basis of "KrasnodarEkoNeft"

For several years a new Sberbank building is successfully exploited in the Novorossiysk city. The foundations for this building were redesigned by our company.

The new Sberbank building in Novorossiysk (2004)

This area there has one particular feature - a significant difference in the compressibility of the base of the different parts of the building. The reasons for this are the Quaternary sediments represented by technogenic bulk soils (with dump antiquity 30 or more years) and liman-alluvial formations.

The designers from "Novorosgrazhdanproekt" decided use in the construction of the Sberbank building the pile foundations. The piles had to pass through the clay soils and pinched in the marl. Grillage had to cut into three parts, which would represent the plates with thickness of 300mm and with 600mm ribs on all axes of columns accommodation. The foundations of the building had to include 227 bored piles with a diameter 630 mm, with an average depth of 15m. General contractor (The novorossiysk construction company "Choice") appealed to us to optimize the adopted technical solutions.

Construction of the foundation slab

After the detailed calculations, we were able to offer more economic and technological option of the construction of zero cycle of structure. Pile foundation has been replaced by a plate with special design, without cutting into pieces. This led to a significant reduction in the cost of foundations, reduction the number of fittings in the supporting structures of the building, and acceleration the process of building.

As а result, the total economic effect from the introduction amounted to more than 12 million rubles (In 2003 prices).

 Construction of an office building in Krasnodar (2014)

At the moment, the construction of an office building in the city of Krasnodar (Red partisans str., 367) has already completed. The complex geological site conditions required the use of pile foundations. Initially, the project provided using the bored piles ᴓ600 length of 15m. with monolithic grillage. The cost of construction and installation works was about 20 million rubles (June 2012 prices). After geotechnical calculations, our company has offered the use of the foundation slab, reinforced by grouting piles on Jet Grouting 2 technology. As a result, the construction time reduced by 15%, while the cost of construction works amounted to approximately 6 million rubles (in prices for June 2012). Thus, it was possible to reduce the costs of construction more than 3 times.

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