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Deep foundation pits and underground parking

Design of deep foundation pits for the construction underground facilities and garages

In addition to design and engineering protection facilities, LLC "GeoProject" actively uses the technology of construction of deep foundation pits in the complex geological conditions of the Krasnodar Territory. Construction of deep foundation pits and underground structures is quite a difficult task, given the seismic activity and general engineering and geological situation in the region. However, the valuable practical experience, as well as leading position in the industry allows us to quickly find the optimum engineering solutions even in complex situations. Also, high quality software equipment and the experience of specialists working in this field help us working efficiently.

Here is one example. By order of "CSG property" (Moscow), we have been developed unique project of engineering protection and construction technology of the complex of underground garages for the "Multifunctional residential complex in Sochi on the Parallel street 9 ". The depth of the foundation pit 16,5m. A feature of grounds is extremely difficult geological conditions and tightness. There were two horizons of groundwater. Calculated seismicity grounds were 9 scores. Above the ground relief located landslide slope of the Battery mount. Due to the cramped conditions and the clay soils it was not possible to use anchors. In this regard, the project was developed, where for the period of ground construction the ground pressure perceived temporal spatial frame, but in the process of underground garages construction the pressure is transmitted to the buildings structure.

 Step 1. Building the wall in the ground of the split drill piles and force spacer frame (anchors is not allowed)

 Step 2. Building the lower floor and the load transfer to the structure of the garage

 Step 3. Construction of a second tier of underground garages and removal frame of the lower tier

 Step 4. Complete dismantling of the frame and the construction of above-ground storeys

In recent years, we have successfully implemented a number of projects of deep foundation pits in Sochi. One of them - a multifunctional residential complex "Zarya"(Prospect Kurortny, 108, Sochi, June 2008). The depth of the pit was 17m. The calculated seismicity was 9 scores. The project envisaged 4 tiers of anchors of up to 41m. Customer -LLC "Datong Group" (Moscow).

 Foundation pit construction. "Zarya" (February 2008)

 Completion of the foundation pit in the complex "Zarya" (June 2008)

As you can see, the cooperation allows us to develop effective solutions for the successful construction of structures in difficult conditions.


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