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Designing reliable foundations of large reservoirs in complex geological conditions

Using the experience of leading specialists and modern technical equipment


Engineering protection of buildings and structures in view of unfavorable soil properties

Using the high-precision computer calculation algorithms, ours own developments and technologies of seismic safety construction


The calculation and design of public and apartment buildings with complex architectural forms

By using innovative techniques, valuable experience, practicing engineers and ultramodern equipment


Project Bureau GeoProekt

Since 1986, we have been accumulating knowledge and experience in the field of geotechnics. Now we generously share it with both small and very large companies. Among the latter we can mention a few large Russian and international companies, such as JSC "Aviation lines of Kuban" (now Basel Aero), AK Transneft, OJSC Rosneft-Tuapse refinery, ZAO Naftatrans, OJSC Rosneft-Tuapsenefteprodukt , Caspian Pipeline Consortium JSC, KrasnodarEcoNeft CJSC, TogliattiAzot JSC, FSUE RSU of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Burns & Roe (USA), Ischebek Titan (Germany), Tensar (Great Britain) and others.

As a result more than 350 scientific works of our employees have been published in Russian and international publications, over 120 patents have been received. For 25 years of designing objects in difficult engineering-geological conditions, we have developed our own approach to each stage of work. This allow us to offer our clients reliable technical solutions that reduce construction costs. Here are some examples:

successful operation


In 1994, AO Temryukneftegaz has saved more than 6.5 billion rubles (in 1994 prices) only on the foundations of storage tanks for liquefied gas.

OOO "Cepheus

OOO "Cepheus" in 2004 has saved more than 12 million rubles on the construction of the foundations of a high-rise building in Krasnodar.


ZAO "KrasnodarEcoNeft" more than halved the cost of building the foundations of a tank farm for storage of kerosene at its refinery.


Private investor IP "Davydov A.G" saved about 4 million rubles. (In 2013 prices) on the foundations of a multistory office building in Krasnodar.

«The biggest praise deserves the architect, who is able to combine beauty and convenience for life in the building.» Lorenzo Bernini

Our patents

Now the GC "GeoProject" is the largest patent holder of the Southern Federal District in the geotechnics' field. We have more than 120 patents for original inventions and technologies developed by the company's specialists.

Objects tech

Retaining walls, antimudflow structures, anti-dump structures from flooding and flood protection, etc.

Engineering protection

Highly qualified specialists, unique devices, methods and computer programs perform very complex calculations either constructions.


The development of efficient and reliable designs of foundations in the most complex engineering and geological conditions.

Residential and industrial buildings

Modern digital technology allows you to quickly and accurately inspect the condition of the soil base and foundation.

Special design work

The competent investigating causes of the accident is indispensable for resolving disputes about the degree of responsibility of the participants of the construction process.


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Krasnodar, street Gen. Shifrin, 5, office 224

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