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Shopping and entertainment centers

Designing shopping and entertainment centers has its own nuances, accounting which requires special knowledge and experience. Our specialists have such experience at a high level. Here are the few objects, designed by us in the Southern Federal District.

Megacenter "Red Square" in Krasnodar

At present, Megacenter "Red Square" is the largest complex of European scale in the Krasnodar region. Since the opening of the fourth stage, which took place in the III quarter of 2009, the total area of the building amounted to 171,000 square meters.

The design concept of the complex was made of reinforced concrete with a grid of columns 12 on 12 m.

 Fig. 1. Project the largest in the south of Russia "Red Square" shopping and entertainment center (Krasnodar)

 Fig. 2. Construction of the third stage of the shopping and entertainment center "Red Square" (March 2011)

Megacenter "Red Square" in Zheleznovodsk

The area of the projected shopping center "Red Square" is located in the Stavropol region, about 1.5 km towards the south of the automobile interchange Pyatigorsk - Zheleznovodsk - Minvody, near the federal highway "Kavkaz". The area of the territory, within the boundaries of withdrawal - 30 hectares.

The Complex accommodates shopping and entertainment center (SEC), a hotel at the center, three car center, bus station on 300 places, boiler room, outbuildings, fire station and an open car park.

In plan the building is rectangular and located on the flat ground. Center's structure - reinforced concrete frame in increments of 12x12 m, with monolithic slabs and coated by metal trusses.

In the plan the building has a size ≈ 460h210m with a total project area of about 160000m2.

 Fig. 3. Shopping and entertainment center "Red Square" in the Inozemtsevo village near Zheleznovodsk

Megacenter "Red Square" in Novorossiysk

The construction site of another SEC "Red Square" is located in the Primorsky district of Novorossiysk on the corner of the Anapa highway and Kutuzov Street.

It was the first facility in the Krasnodar region with such design scheme - it combined concrete and metal structures with a specified grid of columns, and dimensions in plan. Initially the complex was planned to be made of reinforced concrete, but we been forced to review designs in favor of a metal frame, because of the need to split the building into a number of blocks in relation to the requirements that account for temperature effects.

In plan the building has a rectangular shape, the dimensions of the axes - 88.0 90,0m.

  Fig. 4. SEC "Red Square" in Novorossiysk (General view of the facade, 2010)

 Fig. 5. SEC "Red Square" in Novorossiysk (Installation of unique metal structures)

Megacenter "Red Square" in Anapa

This project has been executed in accordance with the general concept of the shopping center "Red Square." The building consists of 9 units, combined in a single architectural volume. Total building has two floors. The design concept is reinforced concrete frame with a grid of columns 9h9m. Overall dimensions in terms ≈ 170h170m.

 Fig. 6. The shopping and entertainment center "Red Square" in Anapa

 Fig. 7. The project of shopping and entertainment complex in the town of Essentuki

 Fig. 8. Construction of the shopping and entertainment complex in the town of Essentuki (2011)

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