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Evaluation and strengthening of structures

Instrumental examination of technical condition of buildings and development of the projects to strengthening its constructions

Any structures have property to wear out and come into disrepair under the influence of time and environmental factors. Noticing this tendency early in the day, you can take steps to strengthen the weaker parts of foundation and structure of the building and protect it from further destruction. The "GeoProject" company has a wealth of experience in the survey and strengthening of buildings and structures in the south of Russia - more than 100 of them gained rebirth through our work across the Kuban.

Cathedral in Voronezhskaya village, 2001 (strengthened without disturbing the architectural appearance)

The speed and high accuracy of the survey results of soil, foundations and supporting structures provides a variety of specialized digital equipment. All of it helps us to perform high-precision geodetic control sediment buildings and monitoring of load-bearing structures.

Quite often, the necessity of such examination arises when next to the already existing buildings begins construction of new ones. Evaluation of structures and soil helps to identify the impact of these new facilities to the older buildings (vibrations and cracks by pile driving, additional sediment, etc.).

A survey of the sleeping boarding house at 524 seats in the Uch-Dera village, Sochi

We have several dozen patents on different methods of strengthening of buildings and structures, as well as unique methodologies for calculating the reconstructed buildings. This, as well as a variety of innovative technologies, enables us to offer customers the services that are unrivaled in today's engineering market on the southern Russia. Among this are increasing the bearing capacity of the base and alignment of banks of buildings and structures on plate and pile foundations.

We cooperate with leading global manufacturers of repair materials (Basf, Isomat, Sika, etc.), so we can offer our customers a cost-effective technical solutions that will help not only strengthen the building structure, but also keep its architectural image. 

Example of project of strengthen existing technological overpass 11 on the territory of the LLC Afipskiy NPZ, Afipsky village (2012).

Our company offers consultations, accompaniment, construction and supervision services for the working process to strengthen the structures of buildings.

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