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High-rise construction

Design of foundations and supporting structures of high-rise buildings.

Today, high-rise construction is very relevant, but at the same time it is one of the most difficult sectors of construction. The main geotechnical problem in the construction of such structures is interaction between foundation and building. The mistakes at each construction stage can lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, the construction process requires a responsible and careful approach.

Thus, the calculation and design of complex architectural forms of high-rise buildings needs the solving complex problem. On the one hand, foundation must be designed considering stiffness of above located designs. On the other hand, you must take into account compressibility of building foundation when designing above located constructions.

However, thanks to our rich experience and excellent software equipment, we are able to solve such problems efficiently. Here is one example - a high-rise building « Millenium Tauer» in Sochi.

 Pic. 1. General view of the building «Millenium Tauer»

The constructive scheme of the building - monolith reinforced concrete cross-wall system:

Due to the special conditions for the design of buildings higher than 75 meters, high seismicity and large quantities of horizontal loadings from wind and seismic survey, the foundations of the building are designed using 630mm bedrock-jammed CFA piles, placed on the calculated depth. Piles are made on the CFA technology under high overpressure concrete (without casing pipes), with constant control for the continuity and verticality of the pile stem, implemented with the help of an onboard computer. This solution provides maximum efficiency and reliability of the pile in the perception of vertical and horizontal loads, due to changes in soil properties in the space around the pile. Below you can see a typical graph of the test piles.

 Pic. 3. Dependence of load and sediment, obtained during the test piles of static loading.

 Pic.5. Stage erection «Millenium Tauer». The initial phase (2008).

 Pic. 5. «Millenium Tauer». Sleva - final stage (2008). On the right - the overall appearance of the building (2013).

Observations of the building during construction showed that this decision was rational and efficient.

Another example - the exclusive residential complex "Royal Park", located in the district Khostinsky, Sochi. In the design of high-rise part were provided pile foundations, with using bored piles Ø1020mm with lengths from 15 to 25 meters. Piles are based on the bedrock and working as a piles-pillars.

A special feature of this project is to combine the foundation of high-rise building and anti-landslide structure with a total cutting depth of more than 30m (look the pic.). The building's design and construction technology have been designed for providing slope stability and minimizing waste work at every stage.


 Pic. 6. General view of the building (project)

 Pic. 7. The calculation model of the building

  Pic. 8. Zero-cycle stage of building's construction (September 2007)

The level of knowledge and practical skills allows us to offer investors a wide range of efficient and reliable solutions in difficult geological conditions of our region.


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