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Design of bases and foundations

Calculation and design of the foundations of buildings and structures in difficult geological conditions

The development of durable and reliable foundation constructions even in difficult engineering-geological conditions is the main area of activity in the "GeoProject" LLC. For years of existence, our company has been closely involved in the design of more than 400 objects that helped to gain valuable practical experience in this area. Besides that, we have an impressive scientific reserve - more than 150 publications. We also have received more than 30 patents. Our employees are some of the most highly qualified geotechnics in the region - five of them are members of the Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, geotechnics and construction foundations. For this reason, more and more managers of serious projects in the south of Russia are turning to us. Among them are investors, contractors and planners of private and large public projects. 

In our work we use a unique method of designing the foundations of large buildings. It was developed after long research the characteristics of different soils and materials for the construction of bases. The technique of "GeoProject" allows accurately predict the possibility of sediments and banks thanks to accounting inhomogeneity of base, hardness of above-ground parts of the building, the presence of the neighboring buildings and so on.

This approach has already been successfully used in the design of foundations for reservoirs with capacity of up to 100 000 m3 at such facilities as OAO "Rosneft-Tuapse NPZ" AK "Transneft", JSC "Naftatrans", OAO "Rosneft-Tuapsenefteprodukt", JSC "Caspian Pipeline consortium ", JSC" KrasnodarEkoNeft ", JSC" the TogliattiAzot "and others.

Construction of a unique foundation in the form of "inverted plate" under the reservoir with a capacity of 20 000m3 on the basis of OAO "Rosneft-Tuapsenefteprodukt"

Our technologies allow us optimize the foundation design and significantly (to 25%) reduce the reinforcement of the aerial parts of buildings and structures, as well, as improve the seismic resistance. This design of foundation is the best solution, because it allows provide a more uniform distribution of the precipitate base that reduces loads on the supporting structures of the building.

The project of the foundation of high-rise building in Krasnodar

An example of the effectiveness of our work can serve a luxury residential building in the central part of the Krasnodar city (Zipovskaya Street, 4/1). Initially, the building was supposed to build on pile foundations due to the presence beneath thick layer of subsiding soils. Customer (JSC "Cepheus") appealed to us to optimize the design of the foundation. After a detailed analysis of the geological conditions of the construction site and constructive scheme, we proposed a new space-planning decision, which increased spatial rigidity and allowed to build underground parking. 

The dwelling house on the Zipovskaya Street, 4/1, Krasnodar

Engineering and geological cross-section of area (You can see the places of uneven subsiding of soil under part of the building)

As a result of ours complex calculations, the pile foundation, which consists of 1030 driven piles (11 m.), was replaced by a slab. Furthermore, has been appeared a parking building. The calculated savings of the building (excluding the profit from the sale of parking spaces) was around 12 million rubles in 2004 prices.

For our part, we can guarantee each customer a responsible approach to the task and the high level of the finished result even in difficult geological conditions.

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