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Protection against landslides and mudflows

All buildings need protection from landslides, shrinkage and other adverse processes, especially in areas where the composition and density of the soil are conducive to this. Therefore, engineering protection is the second most important activity of LLC "GeoProject".

Today, our company is a leader in this field, thanks to the unique developments and technologies, as well as tens of patents. Our experts regularly take part in international conferences in the field of engineering protection, where their reports are always greatly appreciate.

In addition, the main developers of the first Russian regional standards for seismic safety building (SNKK 22-301-2000) in the Krasnodar Territory were also employees of our company. Actualization of SNIP 22/02/2003 (SP 116.13330.2012) is also has not been without the direct participation of our experts.

Among other things, our experts have developed a number of departmental normative documents on engineering protection of transport constructions. *

Among of ours successfully realized projects - the development of engineering protection for the central highway of Sochi.

Also, we are very proud of the introduction of ours technologies and methods to protect the main pipelines from landslides. They have already been used in dozens of projects, including:

• The gas pipeline Russia - Turkey "Blue Stream";

• The gas pipeline Adler - Krasnaya Polyana;

• The oil pipeline Tikhoretsk - Tuapse;

• The oil pipeline - Krymsk - PNB Grushovaya

• The oil and gas pipeline "Sakhalin-2".

 Retaining wall at the southern portal of the tunnel Matsesta (today it is the longest and most modern tunnel in Russia, 2003)

 The original anti-landslide structure made of the old of large diameter pipes in the oil depot "Grushovaya" (JSC "Chernomortransneft" Novorossiysk 2001)

 GU "Host", sanatorium Russian MIA, at: Sochi, Sukhumi Highway street, 12. Construction of pile-anchor retaining structures (2013) 

 Retaining wall SS 4-6. The doubler Kurortny Prospect in Sochi (2013)

 Pile-anchor retaining wall. The doubler Kurortny Prospect in Sochi (2013).

* Some departmental regulations

  1. ODM 218.2.006-2010 "Guidelines on the calculation of the stability of landslide-prone slopes and the definition of landslide pressure on engineering constructions of highways."

  2. ODM 218.3.008-2011 "Guidelines for monitoring and inspection of retaining walls and retaining structures on the landslide areas of highways."

  3. ODM 218.2.026-2012 "Guidelines for calculation and design of pile-anchor structures of engineering protection of roads".

  4. ODM 218.2.027-2012 "Guidelines for calculation and design retaining walls on highways."

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